What is "Pay What You Want"?

And why it matters to digital content creators

PWYW stands for "Pay What You Want", a pricing system where buyers decide how much they will pay for a product. It has been tested several times with surprising results and is especially beneficial for digital content creators. When mixed with charity, it works even better.

How can PWYW benefit you?

  1. Get to know your customers better. 
    Find out who pays how much for your download. Who are your best fans? Example: Women over 30 in Arizona pay more than anyone else in the country for your product. Wouldn't that be great to know?
  2. Reach more people.
    Your product will be in the hands of those that wouldn't have bought it because of the set price. That is the long tail of your audience.
  3. Increase your exposure
    When "Cards Against Humanity" sold a holiday pack using PWYW, their website traffic increased 516%. That's not just a small bump up, that's a big wave rush.
  4. Low risk, possible high payoff
    Very low costs, high exposure, more reviews to sell more products later on. If you team up with a charity, they will keep receiving money until you pull your product off the shelves. You make money, they make money, everyone wins.